Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Anatomy.TV for research in health, medicine, or any related topic dealing with human anatomy.

Anatomy.TV is the most detailed 3D interactive model of human anatomy available on-line and is now one of the Lone Star College Library Health and Medicine databases.

  • Anatomy.TV can be accessed from any computer workstation on any Lone Star College Campus, including all of those at the LSC-University Center, in every classroom, the computer lab, and the library (note: remote access is limited to users with Lone Star College Library accounts).

  • Incredibly detailed and amazingly interactive, Anatomy.TV enables thorough exploration of human anatomy in visual terms, with complete control, from the skin down and from the bones out.

  • Anatomical systems are presented in functional context, along with study tools for various types of practical medical applications, ranging from endrocrinology to sport medicine and exercise.

  • Images, text, and even movies can easily be exported from Anatomy.TV for use in projects and presentations (a sample screenshot is seen above).

An informational, printable PDF flyer regarding Anatomy.TV is available, as well as a Flash tutorial on the website of Anatomy.TV's publisher, StatRef.

For further information, or any questions about Anatomy.TV or any other library or research related matter, please contact the Librarian, Scott Gilbert, at 936-273-7562 or via email.

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